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3 thoughts on “Link roundup: November 3”
  1. What a poor answer to the Road Q question. In the situation the cyclist is asking about, the motorist has the right of way and can’t legally grant it to the cyclist. The first thing that would be cited if something happened in that scenario is that the cyclist did not have the right of way. Cyclists have been killed this way and it’s very negligent of the road runner intern that the response failed to make it clear.

  2. @zz I agree that the answer is not written as clearly as we might like. The quote from Matt Zoll is basically a distraction from the question, but I guess it provides a segue into the pitch for bike classes.
    I really dislike it when vehicles stop for me when I don’t have the right of way. I view this as really dangerous, because you cannot expect drivers in any of the other lanes to actually stop when they are not required to.
    I’ve had this happen when I’m crossing Country Club or Fort Lowell on side streets. One car will stop, but there are three more lanes of traffic that continue to zoom along. I think we’re all better off when drivers and cyclists behave predictably.

  3. @bike geography ZZ Agreed. And then when you insist they take their right of way, they think you are a jerk.

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