5,363 — The number of cyclists who completed one of the four major El Tour de Tucson distances.

4.7 %— The percent increase in finishers from 2014

785 — The number of different places participants came from.

3:54:59 — The record breaking finishing time for the 104 mile ride.

26.4 — The average speed of the 104 mile race winners

28% — The percentage of women finishers

411, 482 — The total number of miles ridden by the 5,363 cyclists on Saturday.

48 — The average age of the participants

15.33 — The average speed of all participants

5 thoughts on “2015 El Tour de Tucson by the numbers and map”
  1. There were three female finishers with times listed faster than Erica Clevenger. Why was she declared the female winner?

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