A cyclist rides east on Third Street avoding the cracks.

Starting Wednesday, a portion of the Third Street Bicycle Boulevard is getting repaved, which will close the road to cyclists.

Third Street between Campbell Avenue and Tucson Boulevard will soon have a smoother ride as part of the street repair bond voters passed in 2012.

The project starts on May 20, and is scheduled to wrap up on May 28.

Here’s the city’s plan or detouring cyclists for the week:

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 7.24.55 AM

Construction begins on Wednesday, May 20th and Third Street from Campbell Avenue to Tucson Boulevard will be closed to all traffic that day for milling. Third Street will again be closed to all traffic on Wednesday, May 27th for paving. While motor vehicles can travel along this section of Third Street between the milling and paving days, bicyclists would find the ride rather uncomfortable.

So, from Wednesday, May 20th until Thursday, May 28th, a bicycle detour will be in effect. Bicyclists traveling east along the Third Street Bicycle Boulevard will be redirected one block north to Hawthorne Street (in red on the map below), while bicyclists traveling west along the Bicycle Boulevard will be redirected one block south to Fourth Street (purple).

Specifically, if you are traveling east along the Bicycle Boulevard, turn north when you come to Campbell Avenue, then continue east along Hawthorne Street, then turn south on Tucson Boulevard, then continue east along the Bicycle Boulevard. If you are traveling west along the Bicycle Boulevard, turn south when you come to Tucson Boulevard, then continue west along Fourth Street, then turn north on Campbell Avenue, then continue west along the Bicycle Boulevard.

7 thoughts on “Third Street Bicycle Boulevard to be closed for repaving”
  1. In a rare spasm of common sense along 3rd Street, City of Tucson is requiring a bicycle detour (using 4th St. and Hawthorne St., depending on your direction of travel) during some of the construction!

    Please use this detour as directed and stay off the sidewalk on 3rd St.

  2. @zz There might be signs (and jersey barriers thereabouts, especially on Campbell). And strange people playing ukeleles and tubas. Maybe sign twirlers. Perhaps free bagels and La Policia de la Tucson!

    This is carefully engineered and important.

    You’ll survive this …

    It’s gonna be alright.

  3. Depending on what time of day i usually avoid 3rd street all together and take 6th between Tucson-Campbell. I’m always geared up and i ride either in the middle or slightly to the left of the right lane. That sweet, sweet new road is like a massage compared to most streets. Be safe and happy riding!

  4. Today Red Star and Mrs. Red Star, in an early Saturday morning spasm of curiosity about things other than each other, checked out the 3rd Street repavement. We were riding ridiculously pricey alum frame/carbon fork roadbikes.

    Findings :

    **  Wow! 3rd between Campbell and Tucson Blvd. is smooth as silk…what an incredible difference! You
        will be fine on your get-to-class bike or get-to work bike.

    **  There is still work to be done on 3rd in that area. Like painting the stop lines (hehe). That will get
         done. Also, we noticed large rectangles spray painted in white at some of the intersections.Future
         speed tables? If so, one can only hope there won’t be neighbor opposition or “clerical errors” and 
         other such crazy nonsense (La Policia) as there has been at 3rd and Treat.

    **  Actually, it’s not only 3rd St. that has been redone. Most all the the streets in that part of Sam Hughes
         neighborhood have been repaved save a few north/south streets that are in the early stage of 

    Check it out…

  5. Red Star et al
    Sorry about the messed-up formatting/rendering in the above comment …
    You’ll figure it out.

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