Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 8.48.00 PMAn 80-year-old man has become the 5th pedestrian killed in the City of Tucson.

According to a Tucson Police Department release, Hai T. Ting was struck by a pickup when he attempted to cross 22nd Street at Longfellow Avenue Sunday morning.

The driver of the Nissan Pickup stayed at the scene and was not cited.

According to police, Ting was attempting to walk north across 22nd Street when he stepped in front on the truck heading west on 22nd Street.

Police do not believe drugs or alcohol were a contributing factor.

Judging from a Google Maps view of the intersection, there is not a crosswalk at the intersection, which is one block east of 22nd Street and Alvernon Road.

4 thoughts on “5th Tucson pedestrian killed crossing 22nd Street on Sunday”
  1. Does the ‘crosswalk rule’ apply for ‘T’ intersections? In this case, is the closest legal crossing for 22nd at Alvernon?

  2. Not sure exactly where the crosswalk rule applies. I imagine if there’s a median, there’s no crosswalk rule in effect. Of course, assuming the crosswalk rule is in effect has probably killed many pedestrians since the average driver has no idea what the crosswalk rule actually is.

  3. This is so sad and at the same time, so infuriating! I am getting to the point where I’m actively hoping that we hit $8.00 plus per-gallon prices soon, just so we can begin to wean ourselves off of this putrid car/SUV “addiction” (the bigger, the better..’cause we need to have that gas-guzzler to carry those three bags of groceries home, folks). Then, perhaps, we can FINALLY stop the insane motor-vehicle centric road use mode in this country, and start to put SANE multi-use modes in its place that include lights, closer-spaced crosswalks, shaded sidewalks and bustops, separate bikeways etc…. This elderly man should not have died. No one should die just for trying to cross a street.  Deepest sympathies for his family.

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