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A 63-year-old woman has become the 12th pedestrian killed in Tucson this year.

According to a Tucson Police Department press release, Georgia Rodriguez was struck and killed near the intersection of 22nd Street and Osborne Avenue near Interstate 10 on Sunday night.

According to the release, Rodriguez was walking south across 22nd Street when she was struck by a Chevrolet Impala heading east on 22nd Street.

The release indicates Rodriguez was not in a crosswalk at the time.

TPD said the driver appeared to be driving near the speed limit and will not be cited for the crash.

There were five pedestrian deaths this time last year.

4 thoughts on “63-year-old woman struck and killed this weekend; 12th of year”
  1. I think the term they were looking for is not in a marked crosswalk, if she was crossing at the corner she was still at a crosswalk, just an unmarked crosswalk.

  2. I regularly go to this Circle K for beers and have always said it seems like people would get hit by cars there. To go to this Circle K I go south on 10th ave past 22nd and come to the Circle K from the back neighborhood. There’s fast car traffic coming straight off the interstate and no street lights. Definitely a sketchy pedestrian location. Unfortunate someone got hurt.

  3. I go through this intersection regularly, sometimes by bike but usually by car (if on a bike I take 18th).  It is an insanely dangerous intersection because there are two convenience stores across from each other and many lanes of traffic.  There are lower income residential neighborhoods on both sides so there are quite a few pedestrians here, and drivers are in a hurry to navigate the I-10/frontage road intersection and the people turning every which way out of the Circle K.  It is an extremely dangerous place for anyone to be and people drive very badly here.  I see a lot of road rage and frustration from people trying to cross traffic, say to get from Circle K to the North-bound frontage road at 8 AM.  
    I once came frighteningly close to hitting a pedestrian on a rainy evening.  It was a very intoxicated man wandering in the road.  Terrible.

  4. Without the police report, I can’t be 100 percent, but the release said “near the intersection of…” It may mean she wasn’t actually at the corner. Again hard to say for sure without a report.

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