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A 69-year-old cyclist was struck and killed on Tucson’s northside this morning according to the Arizona Daily Star.

The cyclist, Patricia Lyon-Surrey, 69 was struck by 89-year-old James Jacobson. Lyon-Surrey was riding west on Sunrise when she was struck by Jacobson who was merging onto Sunrise Drive from Skyline Drive.

The area creates conflicts and prompted the county to include colored lane markings to alert both cyclists and motorists to be aware while merging through the area.

According to the Star’s report Lyon-Surrey was pronounced dead by Pima County Sheriff’s Department and Jacobson cooperated and showed no sign of impairment.

One thought on “Bicyclist killed in crash on Tucson’s northside”
  1. 89 years old might be sign enough of impairment. Visual acuity, reaction time, overall cognition are probably considerably diminished by that point.

    Further to that point, lack of impairment says nothing about distraction.

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