The sculture weighs about 1,000 pounds and takes 8 people to move.
The sculture weighs about 1,000 pounds and takes 8 people to move. recieved a less-than-warm welcome to Tucson.

The mail-order business that relocated from Flagstaff to Tucson this weekend was greeted by the theft of their $5,000 bike rack and art piece a mere three hours after unloading it. owner Josh Lipton said the rack took eight people to move and weighs about 1,000 pounds.

The theft occurred sometime between 5 and 5:45 p.m. last night.

“It was amazing to us that someone could get enough guys to get  it in a truck,” Lipton said.

He said several scrappers had come by to dig in the dumpster  and he heard someone ask is the rack was available. Lipton said they intended to lock up before they left for the day.

Eventually the rack was going to be bolted into the ground outside of their new warehouse on Flowing Wells Road.

Lipton went to the nearest scrap metal recycling center and asked if they had seen it. According to the people at the recycling center, if it turns up, it will likely be in pieces.

Lipton said he isn’t letting the theft sour his thoughts on Tucson and said everything else about the move has gone as smoothly as possible.

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8 thoughts on “Bike Shop Hub welcomed to Tucson by theft of $5k art piece”
  1. TucsonVelo BikeShopHub That thing looked like it weighed a lot! How could someone just pick it up and take it?

  2. Well. There’s some irony for ‘ya: now they’re stealing the bike racks!
    And so it goes…

  3. 11 cents a pound for scrap steel, lots of work for a low return.  Must not be very likely they’ll get caught because otherwise nobody would bother for that kind of money.

  4. AZ Daily Star reports
    A bike shop’s stolen sculpture was returned to the business Thursday morning, the owner said.
    The thousand-pound sculpture that also serves as a bike rack was stolen on the day the new business opened in Tucson.
    On Thursday, a man called the shop and said he had taken the metal sculpture, thinking it was being thrown away. A short time later the man showed up in a pickup truck with the sculpture in the back of the vehicle.
    The return brought a quick end to the case, which began April 15.

  5. @Orvis Yeah I’ve got it. Josh emailed me as soon as it came back. I just haven’t had a moment to get it online. It will be soon, however.

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