Pima County is working toward adding bikes lanes on a popular section of Anklam Road.

The county’s bicycle and pedestrian manager said the they are working to add bike lanes just west of Player’s Club Drive to Speedway Boulevard.

The project would add about 1.6 miles in both directions.

Zoll said in the future he also hoped to add bike lanes on Speedway to connect to the city’s bike lanes that were added east of Greasewood, but the Anklam Road project is much close to reality.

Tucson cyclist Steve Wilson said traffic on Anklam is generally pretty light, but that it would be a nice addition to the area.

What’s not likely is adding bike lanes west to Gate’s pass.

“Gates Pass would be insanely expensive to do,” Zoll said. “I  don’t know if we’ll see that one in or lifetimes.”

2 thoughts on “County to add bike lanes to more of Anklam Road”
  1. That’s all nice and everything, but the real problem with that section is that curve after Player’s Club that looks like ‘no-man’s-land’ pavement. No one has ever claimed it as far as maintaining it goes for about 100 yds. A few years back the county chip-sealed to the city limit. When resurfacing was done from the east, they stopped short. Going up, there’s nothing on the right to ride on…not even the white line. You have to take the lane in a blind curve. Coming down, you’re going fast and never know what you’ll find there. For ten years or more it’s been like that. If this is a county project, will the striped shoulders start at the city limits completely ignoring this condition? Is it possible the city and county could work together to remedy the situation? That would require a platinum attitude.

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