Pima County Supervisors voted to increase the amount of money they provide to El Tour de Tucson organizers by $25,000 bringing their total contribution to $51,063.

El Tour de Tucson lost its title sponsor and hasn’t attracted a new one for this year’s ride. Because of the loss, there has been a fundraising gap that Perimeter Bicycling has been trying to fill. Check out the Star’s story about the gap.

The city already increased the amount of money it was contributing to about $50 thousand.

In a press release, County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry highlighted the event’s economic impact and its importance to the region.

Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll supported the increase in funding.

El Tour “is an economic development issue that I take seriously,” Carroll wrote in the press release.

According to TucsonVelo analysis, about 55 percent of the people who finished 2012’s ride lived outside of Pima County likely meaning the out-of-town visitors likely rented hotel rooms and spent money in the region.

Costs to organize the event have increased drastically since several cyclists were hit along the route in 2008. Since then the City of Tucson has required more police and traffic control devices, which has increased costs significantly.


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