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Pima County is preparing to put the finishing touches on a popular bike route on Tucson’s far east side.

For the last several years, Pima County has been working to add six-foot bike lanes on Colossal Cave Road to connect to Old Spanish Trail and Camino Loma Alta and Pistol Hill Road.

Matt Zoll said Pima County completed the most critical missing link climbing out of the Pantano Wash, but said they still have a few tweaks to complete the project.

Zoll said the county will replace the bike lanes in front of Cienega High School.

Additionally, Zoll said the county will do some work along the route to improve drainage preventing the bike lanes from getting sand and debris in them after rains.

What do you think of the completed bike lanes?

4 thoughts on “County putting finishing touches on popular eastside route”
  1. One of the things I really appreciate about Tucson and Pima County is that they are constantly improving the cycling and pedestrian infrastructure around here. I don’t ride Pistol Hill very frequently, but I’m very glad that this ride has been improved and made safer.

  2. It was pretty bleak before, fast cars, ragged shoulder and not a lot of room to breathe. ¬†I’m looking forward to trying it again.

  3. The new bike lanes they have put in are fantastic, I ride through there often and it is appreciated.

  4. I ride through there a lot, it was dangerous before; very much appreciated. With Houghton done, the Rincon Valley / Pistol Hill / Rita Ranch loop is pretty sweet.

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