A week after a woman jogging with her dog was attacked on the Rillito River Path segment of The Loop, a female cyclist was accosted while riding her bike.

Long-time Tucson cyclist Troy Peterson sent a message relaying the encounter his daughter had on Friday.

My daughter was riding her tri bike on the river path near Tucson Mall this morning (6/12) when a completely bald headed, dark complected (possibly Hispanic) male, with a salt & pepper colored mustache/goatie, wearing a gray t-shirt and khaki shorts attempted to cause her to stop by stretching his arms out across the pathway, and proceeded to call her an, “f-ing b…” When she swerved one way he moved to block her. She then dodged him going the other way. Apparently her speed helped her evade him.

If anyone was out and encountered the same creep, or possibly saw him – please contact the Tucson Police Dept so it can bolster her report, and help them possibly apprehend this creeper. Thanks!

The Loop has had many issues with crime along the pathway.

Here are some of the past stories:


One thought on “Cyclist harassed on Rillito path”
  1. Two words: “Bear Spray”. Not pepper spray, which is an aerosol and as such, can spray back onto your own face under certain conditions. Bear spray actually jettisons in liquid form and its made to..well. stop a friggin’ bear. Pretty sure it will work on violent attackers/ bicycle thieves/possible rapists too.  If you have to, spray at the face, then aim for the opened mouth..and that mouth will open because, ouch.

    At least it will give you enough time to get away and call police.

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