Cyclovia Tucson organizers launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund two events in April.

Organizers are hoping to raise $8,000 to pay for the rides on April 7 and April 28.

Kylie Walzak the director of Cyclovia Tucson said creating an opportunity for the public help fund the ride has been something the group has always wanted to do and with lat year’s rain out and the recent Ride On, Tucson, potential sponsors have been harder to find.

She said the rides will go on even  if the the funding goal is not reached, but the routes will be shortened in order to save money on barriers and police officer.

After two day, the group has raised $1,925

The April 7 event will take place on the same route South Tucson route that the ride has used for the last two years.

The April 28 ride will be moving to a new part of town. Riders can ride from Mountain Ave. and Speedway Boulevard to Brandi Fenton Park along the Rillito River Path and Dodge Boulevard. Check out the map below.


Check out the campaign and get more info about the Cyclovia events.

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