dsc5316This year fans of Cyclovia Tucson will be able to get their car-free-street-party fix in both the spring and fall.

Cyclovia Tucson organizers announced the popular event, which closes streets to motor vehicles and opens them to walkers, skaters and bike riders will take place on April 6 and Nov. 2.

Cyclovia Tucson director Kylie Walzak said people have been asking for a fall Cyclovia since the first event and this year they are going to make it happen.

“I don’t know what makes it possible,” Walzak said about adding the second event. “We are going to go for it and make it work.”

Walzak said the group would work hard fundraising to support the two events.

In addition Walzak said they are partnering with the Flagstaff group that organizes Hullabaloo, a community festival that was started after the New Belgium’s Tour de Fat stopped going to Flagstaff, for the April event.

Walzak said the group contacted her about organizing a similar event in Tucson and partnering with Cyclovia Tucson.

According to the Hullabaloo website, the two-day event, brings together musicians, micro brewers, families, and non-profits to celebrate the city.

Walzak said the group would organize a two-day event similar to Flagstaff’s and setup at Armory Park along the Cyclovia route.

The Hullabaloo will cost $7, but discounts will be available for riding your bike to the event or bringing canned food to donate.

The November event will again take place in midtown, though the route will likely be a bit different than last year’s.

Walzak said having a spring and fall Cyclovia was “always the goal” and she is happy to be able to deliver.

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