contraflowTucson’s first contraflow bike lane — a bicycle lane that allows cyclists to ride in the opposite direction of traffic on a one-way street — has been partially installed on the University of Arizona campus.

The contraflow lane is part of the streetcar construction and allows cyclists to avoid riding on second street next to the track. Part of the lane is being paid for with streetcar funds. The UA is paying to extend it further. Check out the map below.

The lane will be added to James E Rogers Way, a westbound one-way street, allowing cyclists to travel east on the street. 

City of Tucson bike and pedestrian program manager Ann Chanecka said the treatment is nationally accepted and has proven  safe.

At the moment, bike legends and a sign indicating the road is open to two-way traffic has been added. Eventually, crews will add a double yellow lines to separate the eastbound cyclists from westbound motorists.

Chanecka said many students have already been riding against traffic on the street and the hope is the lane will make it safer.

Chanecka said the striping should be completed by the end of August.

View Contraflow Lane in a larger map

5 thoughts on “First ‘contraflow’ bike lane partially installed”
  1. This is great news!  I have been dreaming of this for years; as you said, many cyclists already use it going eastbound.  If they enhance the crossing at Euclid as well, this could be a great alternative to University/3rd.

  2. I think this may actually be the 2nd contraflow bike lane.  Back in the early ’00’s there was a contraflow lane on Mountain Ave between 2nd Ave and 1st Ave.  When the signal was added there and traffic was converted to 2-way on that segment, the lane disappeared.

  3. I assume the East and the West are supposed to be switched in this statement?

    “The lane will be added to James E Rogers Way, an eastbound one-way street, allowing cyclists to travel west on the street.”

  4. CodyM48 You are right. Thanks for the catch. It was right in my head, but not my fingers apparently. I have fixed it.

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