Tucson’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee will have its first meeting this evening at Himmel Park Library The Transit Services building in downtown Tucson at 6 p.m.

The Mayor and Council passed a resolution forming the committee in February and the PAC members were recently appointed. They include:

  • Mary Ingram
  • Emily Lopex
  • Forest Weier
  • Valerie Vinyard
  • Jeannie Maldonado
  • Emily Yetman
  • Moniqua K. Lane
  • Davita Mueller
  • John S. Anderson
  • B.J. Cordova
  • Bernice Vanover
  • Wendy Lotze

Here’s the agenda:

1. Call to Order
2. Welcoming Speakers – Council Member Steve Kozachik and Director of Transportation
Daryl Cole
3. Committee Member Introductions
4. Open Meeting Admonishment
5. Discussion of Officer Roles (Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary)
6. Discussion of Decision Making Model
7. Discussion of Committee Purpose
8. Meeting Schedule and Logistics
9. Future agenda items
10. Call to the Audience (@ approx. 7:45 p.m., 2-3 mins./speaker)
11. Announcements
12. Adjourn

The PAC begins its work during a year that has seen a dramatic rise in pedestrian deaths. So far this year, 13 pedestrians have died within the Tucson city limits.

You can check out the Agenda and resolution here.


2 thoughts on “First Tucson Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting today”
  1. The meeting is NOT at Himmel Park Library but rather the Transit Services Conference Room which is 149 N. Stone Ave (next to Lil’ Cafe Poca Cosa).

  2. The  new Pedestrian Advisory Committee should ask Tucson Police to stop and write tickets when Sun Tran bus riders get off a bus then  immediately walk or run into the street instead of going to the corner of the intersection to use the crosswalk. Needing to transfer to a bus route on the intersecting street is no excuse for this illegal reckless behavior. It happens thousands of times each day here, especially at Broadway & Alvernon, Prince & First, and Alvernon & Speedway.

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