The Tucson Police Department arrested a suspect in connection with a pepper spray attack of an east side bike shop owner and the theft of a $3,000 mountain bike from ProBike Tucson.

Police announced the arrest of Robert Todd, 52 on their Facebook page.

According to the post, which is embedded below, Todd was charged with armed robbery.

Here’s the original post by ProBike Tucson:

2 thoughts on “Police arrest suspect accused of pepper spraying shop owner; stealing bike”
  1. This dude is human trash. I’m surprised he wasn’t charged with assault as well. In a shop I worked at we had somebody try to swing at a staff member with brass knuckles while he was trying to steal a pair of shoes and he was charged with Armed Robbery and Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

  2. I am very glad they caught this guy. I would hate it if people thought it was easy to get away with this kind of robbery. I hope they do add assault charges. That is a very serious component of this man’s actions.

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