A cyclist rides through Saguaro National Park East.
A cyclist rides through Saguaro National Park East.

Now that the Federal government has been shut down, several popular routes may be affected.

Saguaro National Park East will be closed to visitors. There will be a skeleton crew of rangers enforcing the closure and preventing people from riding or walking through the park.

Sabino Canyon and Mt. Lemmon are also federally managed recreation areas. Their plans for the closure and how they will enforce it are less clear, however.

If you try to ride in those areas be prepared for being told to leave.



5 thoughts on “Government shutdown may affect popular bike rides”
  1. Catalina Highway (the paved road to/from Mt. Lemmon) will be open as it is controlled and funded by Pima County. Amenities along the way–don’t know as they are NFS and Coronado NF has to tweet on that aspect.

  2. So, when the government shuts down, it doesn’t really shut down. Just restricts the public from the public land.

  3. Government Shutdown!
    Definitely time to get cattle off the public lands, and turn off the gas and oil wells. And definitely no copper mining until the shutdown is over.

  4. @zz 
    You nailed it.  They just down the things that will irritate the voters.  I’m sure the barber in the capitol building is still cutting hair for senators and congressmen on our dime.

  5. Red Star Rose Canyon Campground says they are still open, but that they may close at any point.

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