Gary Fisher joins hundreds of Tucsonans for a community bike ride. Photo by Damion Alexander.

Hundreds of cyclists turned out for a bike ride and movie with Gary Fisher last night.

Living Streets Alliance board member and ride organizer Duncan Benning said lots of people joined and left along the route to the Mercado San Agustin where the movie Rad was screened.

Benning said he was pleased by the number of of donations and new people signing up to become members of LSA.

Check out a few more photos from the start of the ride below.

Photo by Jay Rochlin
Photo by Jay Rochlin
Photo by Jay Rochlin
Photo by Jay Rochlin
Photo by Jay Rochlin
Photo by Jay Rochlin
8 thoughts on “Hundreds turn out for ride with Gary Fisher”
  1. I’m going to get ripped for this, but I think someone has to ask this.  The first couple of times he came here, I just thought it was weird, but I figured it was just a fad thing.  But he keeps coming back!  What’s the deal?  I’m sure he’s a decent fellow, and probably entertaining in some way, but’s what’s the deal?  He was one of a group of people who “invented” mountain biking, and he was a decent road racer in the day.  It looks like his current gig is being the front-man for selling bikes with his name on them.  His ongoing appearances remind me of the Kardashian phenomenon.  The more you get your mug in front of people, the more that people want to see your mug.  I’ve never met the guy, I’m sure he’s ultra convivial, but does that justify the worship?

  2. 3wheeler Well, I think he’s a marketer who did just enough to gain notoriety and let everyone think he was a genius. I believe he aided in and contracted design and had builders do the frames with his name on them. The mythical status helped snowball sales. He must know PR – money follows where he goes. Hence the return to Tucson and why politicians want to be seen with him. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  3. It was a fun little ride.  I always enjoy these events, it’s just a nice way to get out and pedal around with other Tucson cyclists, and in this case I chatted with a couple visiting from Texas.   Doesn’t matter if it’s Gary Fisher or Patrick Dempsey or if there is no celebrity, it seems that everyone has a pretty good time, moving along in a big unwieldy mass, watching out for the little kids riding along with their parents, and just getting out on their bikes.   So yay for LSA and Kylie and the other folks that helped to put this on, for the Mariachi group playing on Congress before the Mercado, and you guys should come out for the next LSA or other bike event.   ( I think I heard something about a movie at the Berger Center. )

  4. MikeI Do you know about the Tuesday Night Bike ride?  Over 100 riders turn up every Tuesday night for a ride that leaves and returns to the U of A.

  5. @zz 3wheeler 
    I hit the like button on your comment, but it registered as 1 Unlike.  Beats me what’s going on.  Your comment was insightful, zz.  Thanks for sharing.

  6. 3wheeler While he is in the business of selling bikes, he’s also an advocate for cycling in general – safety, infrastructure, riding for daily transportation – so I think that may be part of the connection with his return trips to Tucson. Also, I believe on his first trip here, his wife had a work-related convention/meeting in Town and there may still be that connection as well.

  7. chenley333 3wheeler 
    Thanks, as I said I don’t know enough about his recent activities.  It sounds like he’s currently involved in helping cycling.

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