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It’s unlikely four parking spaces have gotten more media attention in Tucson than the ones on Fifth Avenue between Congress Street and Broadway Boulevard.

We’ve written about how the parking spaces created a dangerous condition for cyclists because there is not enough room between the vehicle and the tracks for cyclists to avoid the door zone.

The spots closest to Congress Street were removed early this summer, but the spots nearest Broadway Boulevard were still there and creating a hazard for cyclists.

Shellie Ginn, the project manager for the streetcar said via email the spaces are scheduled to be converted from car parking to motorcycle parking.

It will be interesting to see the configuration, but without doors, there shouldn’t be a door zone to contend with.

One thought on “Motorcycle parking to alleviate door zone issues on 5th Ave”
  1. Motorcycle parking is a great solution, because the city can make the (truthful) claim that they added parking along the streetcar route. And who among us tax-burdened Arizonans would argue against more free parking along our roads?

    The same goes for bicycle corrals. Motorcycle parking and bicycle parking are space efficient, and can add a tremendous amount of capacity compared to the enormous amount of space necessary to park a car.

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