At least one of the newly installed bicycle-repair stands along the Loop has had tools stolen less than two weeks after they were installed.

970126_10101204267380482_603335766_nA photo shot by a Tucson bicyclist shows two of the cables have been cut and the tools missing at the repair station located at Mountain Avenue and the Rillito River

Six repair stations were installed along the Santa Cruz and Rillito bike paths to offer cyclists a way to perform minor repairs to their bicycles during their rides.

The stations are similar to ones on the UA campus at Wholefoods on Speedway.

A QR code on the station allows cyclist with smart phones to access detailed directions for bike repair.

Check the map below to see where the five other repair stations are located.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 8.50.59 PM




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4 thoughts on “Parts stolen from new Loop bicycle repair stands”
  1. Well, that person is going to be learning a Karmic lesson, and I do not mean that in a “you’ll-get-yours” revenge sense. Rather, I  mean that what we “put out” comes back to us and so, at some point that person will know what it feels like to have someone take from him/her and perhaps, they will no longer steal. Hey, it could happen… =)
    Also, probably should replace those cables with something a lot less easy to cut.

  2. The tools have been stolen from the one at Wade McLean Park in Marana as well.  I’d figure the perps are either A) bike thieves, people who carry bolt cutters w/ them all the time and don’t have a conscience, or B) bike shop owners.  It’s probably being done by someone from group ‘A’, but people in group ‘B’ do have a motive…  ; >

  3. A naive design, given prevailing socioeconomic conditions. 

    Tucson is poor, people! This isn’t the Pearl in Portland.

    Use your heads before you waste money on impractical and overly idealistic designs.

  4. @Fooschnickens  Easy big fella, I don’t think it’s as dire as all that. Besides, the tools were replaced and haven’t been taken again as far as I’ve seen. Although admittedly I have spent up to months away from the Loop since this article was first posted.

    Naive design? Impractical? I’ve seen this station used several times. I’d consider its practicality and usability settled.

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