Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.20.08 PMA recent City of Tucson’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program email proclaimed 2015 the year “We get stuff done” and a new interactive map is one of the ways you’ll be able to track the projects.

Ann Chanecka the city’s bicycle and pedestrian program manager said there are 40 bicycle and pedestrian specific projects that are funded and under design right now. The 40 is in addition to other projects like Grant Road that are primarily a road project with some bicycle improvements.

To keep track of it, the city will be launching an interactive map with each project the city is working on. Clicking on a project will allow the user to download a one page summary of the project with contact details for the project manager.

Chanecka said she is waiting on the final clearance by the city’s IT department to get it online.

Over the next few weeks, you can read more about some of the projects nearing completion right here on Bicycle Tucson.

3 thoughts on “New map to track city bike, pedestrian projects”
  1. Without a HAWK crossing at Treat/Christmas and Fort Lowell, that bikeway isn’t as useable as it could be. I was really disappointed when the repaving and utility work on Fort Lowell didn’t include any pedestrian crossings between Campbell Ave and Country Club Rd.
    All the Halloween and Christmas activity in Winterhaven would be really well served by a HAWK on Fort Lowell at Treat. Another Hawk at Prince Rd and Treat wouldn’t hurt, either.

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