Photo by Nathan Saxton
Photo by Nathan Saxton

A pedestrian struck last week in the Olive Street underpass on the University of Arizona campus was “wandering” in the bike lane according to a witness.

Witness statements in a  police report obtained by Bicycle Tucson indicate that Jeiling Ai, the student who was struck was “walking in the middle of the bike path and not paying attention when he walked out in front” of the cyclists.

According to the report, two cyclists were riding south toward the underpass when the Ai began walking east across the bike path. The first cyclist slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting Ai. The second cyclist, UA student Zachary Van Uum also braked, but had to swerve left to avoid hitting the lead cyclist and struck Ai.

According to the report, Ai was taken to UAMC with minor injuries.

Ai told officers that he saw two cyclists riding “fast” toward him and one of them struck him.

Van Uum told officers he didn’t know how fast he was going, but felt like he was traveling at a “normal” speed.

4 thoughts on “Pedestrian struck in UA underpass ‘wandering’ witness says”
  1. Anyone frequenting campus in the last 20 years knows that’s the norm. Can’t believe it’s not a weekly occurrence…

  2. chubasco  See,  I thought Mr. Rogers covered all that looking both ways and listening and stuff. He couldn’t have anticipated the dreaded cell phone, I guess. The UA needs to offer an up-dated class on ambulation.

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