If the driver opened this car door it would open into the streetcar lane causing a dangerous situation for cyclists.

Four months after our original post and three months after telling members of the Bicycle Advisory Committee that parking would be removed on Fifth Avenue, the parking still hasn’t been removed.

Here’s the text from the original post:

The parking on Fifth Avenue is too narrow to allow a cyclist to safely pass the vehicle out of the door zone. It is about 11 feet from the curb to the edge of the tracks. Parking spots are generally about eight to nine feet wide and cyclists should position themselves about 5 feet away from a parked car. The road is about three feet to narrow to allow cyclists to safely pass parked cars.

The above photo is a bit extreme since it is a wide construction vehicle that is parked away from the curb, but as you can see from the photo below it is almost impossible to pass standard cars outside of the door zone without being in between the streetcar tracks.

The section of track will be used more heavily in the beginning of the streetcar’s operations because fewer cars will head all the way to the Mercado area until it is more heavily developed.

About half the cars will use Fifth Avenue to turn around and head back to Fourth Avenue and the University area.

Yet the loading zone and parking areas are still open and creating dangerous situations for cyclists. Seems like this would be a perfect spot for a bike corral.

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