pathphotoA 4.5 mile section of the Rillito River Path between Campbell Avenue and La Cholla Boulevard has been repaved and widened.

My family and I rode it yesterday to visit friends who also live along the path and we overheard the people in the photo say it was less like a path and more like a road.

They are right. The newly paved path is much wider and feels like a road, but without the striping it likely feels even wider.

This section is most heavily used piece according to Pima County.


3 thoughts on “Photo: The Rillito Path is WIDE”
  1. They dug out the section west of Stone just past Sam’s Club that had root damage. Not fun if you didn’t know about it or spaced out on it at cruising speed. Another root between Stonehenge and the river park I hope they got. Also the seam where the pavers cross the path at the park and a couple other divots I sure won’t miss. Used to be one just before the light pole in the photo. Saio nara, SOB!

    Thanks, Pima County.

  2. Alright, what the hell happened with the 1st Ave. underpass? All this nice new smooth pavement and then you hit this spot and it’s washboard city. It’s like they let passersby run the equipment on this section.

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