The tacks are back, Or maybe they never went away, but Bicycle Tucson reader Scott Fouts sent this photo of a tack he picked up heading west on Tanque Verde Boulevard just before it curves and heads over the wash this past weekend,

Fouts said he called the police and reported the incident.


5 thoughts on “Photo: Tacks are back”
  1. With all the rain runoff lately, the tack may be a leftover from the tack attacks of years past. The real question is whether the tacker is back. Hard to figure at this point; one can only hope the tacker is not back.

  2. arsolot That’s totally possible. But you miss the point. Whether willful (criminal) or by innocent incompetence, the dysfunctional behavior that gives rise to these hazards (or, events, if you wish) needs to stop.

  3. Red Star arsolot  I take all the broken glass personally. Intentional or not, it’s been going on forever, always on the side sitting unswept until absorbed by tires. How to stop that I’d like to know.

  4. @zz Indeed. It’s hard to figure why there is broken glass on the roadway to begin with, in this day and age. It’s never been like there are clumsy glaziers setting up shop along every roadway on the planet.

    In 1967’s film ‘The Graduate,’  the mighty Walter Brooke (as Mr. McGuire) insisted “There’s a great future in plastics.” 
    Perhaps alcohol and plastic don’t get along in a profitable way for the manufacturers and the merchants. Hence lingering glass containers in the marketplace and roadway?

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