Photo by Alan Solot
Photos by Alan Solot

Way back at the end of July, Tucson Velo reader Alan Solot sent the above photo of construction that completely blocked this section of bike path and sidewalk on Alvernon Road.

The section allows cyclists to stay off Alvernon Road and connect to the eastern portion of Third Street, which is about a block south of the western portion.

At the time of the photo, it was impossible to get by the construction.


Now almost two months after the original photo was taken, the construction still exists, though a piece of plywood has been placed over a narrow section of the trench.

While cyclists and pedestrians can use it, it may create potential conflict between both cyclists and pedestrians heading in opposite directions.

Tucson’s bicycle and pedestrian program manager Ann Chanecka said she knew about the original trench blocking the path and thought it had been taken care of. She did not know that construction was still blocking part of the path.

Chanecka said she would look into the situation.

It’s rare to see this type of hazard persist for so long, but it is common to find obstacles blocking bike lanes and sidewalks.

What obstacles do you see most often? On my commute it is either trash cans or parked cars stopping on the shoulder. Construction signs are particularly annoying, though.

11 thoughts on “Photos: Construction on bike route still a problem after two months”
  1. Problem is thats not even the most dangerous part of that spot. Its the wall blocking that driveway right near the push button. I have almost been hit twice by cars flying outta there and I couldn’t see them or them me. There is also a nice uplift in the sidewalk joint roughly where that picture was taken that I have seen a bicyclist go down on. It catches you off guard when you come in off the street in a certain spot. You have be very aware along that whole section. The construction just makes that worse. Also hope the city makes that apartment complex clean-up all the nasty grease stains and mess the trucks have made all over the sidewalk when they are done as well. They have totally trashed that whole section.

  2. I’ve said this here before, I don’t use that light.  I don’t feel right about pushing a button and making a bunch of people stop for me.  I do the same thing whether I’m going East or West.  I wait for a clearing in traffic to enter Alvernon and go to the left turn lane to make the turn.

  3. Was this ever reported to see-click-fix? Doesn’t look like it and perhaps doesn’t really matter : was it reported to COT DOT?  Was it reported to COT PTDS? Registrar of Contractors?

  4. 3wheeler

    Red Star rarely goes there, but generally bikes the traffic gaps rather than the light. All the while thinking of pedestrians in the dark as well as handicapped persons of problematic mobility who don’t have a decent sidewalk and crossing.  But that’s just Red Star.

  5. Red Star 3wheeler 
    You make a great point about handicapped people.  Regular pedestrians can get across as well here as at any other unregulated intersection.  I’m glad that you also prefer to avoid stopping traffic.

  6. Looks like this spot is back to having the whole sidewalk blocked. When I went by yesterday morning the fencing was down and the hole exposed (probably because of the wind). Now the fencing is back up and blocking the entire sidewalk again.

  7. 3wheeler and Do you ever use the HAWK at Euclid and Lester? Just wondering.

  8. @Suzanne 

    Nope, Red Star doesn’t go there. Putting aside the hackneyed “Just wondering” device you use, what exactly is your point?

  9. All fixed now. Apparently various COT departments can “look the other way” for only so long…

  10. Red Star 
    The hole may have been filled in not because of pressure from anyone, but simply because the contractor finally finished the job.  I don’t know anything about the specifics of this situation, but there may have been some complication that was discovered when they dug the trench and it took extra time to sort out.  I don’t know that for a fact, but it’s within the realm of possibility.

  11. 3wheeler
    Flashing barricade signs (you know, like the ones they obsessively put out when their washes flood into their streets) could have been placed. They weren’t. For whatever reason. It’s anyone’s guess what huge emergency, what big surprise, took up costly and valuable cyclist and ped infrastructure for *three months* as you point out.

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