IMG_7432Bicyclists again have two options for navigating around the El Centro parking garage on Broadway Boulevard and Fourth Avenue and one was also upgraded.

After about a year, the Jim Glock bypass, which allows cyclists to ride behind the parking garage to avoid the streetcar tracks, was reopened this week.

The route was closed during construction of the housing complex and retail space in the building.

Tucson’s bike and pedestrian coordinator Ann Chanecka said the dumpster that was blocking the way has been moved and she believes the route will remain open.

Check out the original post about the bypass here.

Also being completed this week is the frontside of the parking garage. Crews reworked the route that allows cyclists to pass behind the streetcar stop.

Here’s how the route looked when they built it several years ago:

aIMG_20110906_130554The planter made it difficult for cyclists to navigate the turn and put them close to the tracks.

Here’s what it looks like now:


Chanecka said the new configuration allows cyclists to enter the bike lane at a shallower angle.

Here’s the original post.



4 thoughts on “Photos: Downtown bypass modified and reopened”
  1. Holy smokes, I thought that would never be open again. That’s great news. It makes it so much easier to go from 4th to Rocks and Ropes and Barrio.
    Removing the planter probably wasn’t necessary, especially since it could speed up the bike traffic at a point where they share the sidewalk with pedestrians. It’s done, though, so I’ll use it.

  2. Looks good.  The accommodations actually work pretty well.  I use that route every week.

  3. Apparently the trolly stop and adjacent bike lane is also being used as a (un)loading zone for patrons of the new Hi Fi “nightclub”. I had to wait for about a minute behind a large pickup while it deposited two lovelies directly in front of the doorman on a recent evening.

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