Green pavement marking along southbound Fourth Avenue illustrate the ideal route to cross the tracks.

Crews have been laying down green paint along portions of the streetcar route. Here’s what the City says about the new paint on the Tucson Bike and Pedestrian Facebook page.

Green material is going in this week along segments of the streetcar corridor – but do you know what they mean and how to use them as a cyclist? Our education program will be rolling out soon but in the meantime, help us spread the word on these two very important features:

1. Green ‘Guides’ – Green pavement markings indicate for cyclists where they may cross tracks at as close to perpendicular as possible. Cyclists are less likely to fall when crossing between 60 degrees and 90 degrees (perpendicular), however, the green markings do not give cyclists the right-of-way, and cyclists are not required to use them. You must still pay attention to traffic around you!

2. Green Bike Boxes – Look for green bike boxes with a white bike symbol at some intersections. A green bike box allows bicyclists to position themselves in front of vehicles at stop lights. Whether you are turning right, left, or going forward, the green bike box will put cyclists in front of traffic and make them more visible.

The photo below shows the new green pavement at the University Boulevard and Fourth Avenue intersection. Check ou the numbered route guides to see how the markings work.

numbers1photopaint Route 1: Heading north on Fourth Avenue crossing University Boulevard to continue north on Fourth Avenue.

Route 2: Heading east on University Boulevard crossing Fourth Avenue to continue east on University Boulevard toward the UA.

Route 3: Heading south on Fourth Avenue and making a left turn onto University Boulevard to head toward the UA.

An education campaign for both bicyclist and motorist is in the works and crews are also adding bikes with arrows to show cyclists where to ride.

What do you think? Like it. hate it or indifferent?

11 thoughts on “Photos: Green paint goes down”
  1. That top picture cracks me up. I love how mush the two green spots are off-set from each other.

  2. Every time I see something about Tucson trying to make the streetcar path “bike friendly”, I roll my eyes a little bit.  I don’t think those green boxes are going to help. Either the cyclist knows to cross at 60-90 degrees and they would have done it anyway, or the cyclist isn’t familiar with crossing streetcar tracks and they won’t know what the heck those random green boxes mean.

  3. I like how the furthest green ‘Guide’ leads directly into the curb and vehicle loading zone. It’s like… saying, “Bikes are a total after thought and here is our proof.”

  4. Seems like it would work better if they were continuos, kinda like the lines in intersections to guide turning cars.  I’m not sure I could logically follow these without prior knowledge while on a bicycle.  I foresee all sorts of problems with right of way misunderstandings, but I think once people figure them out it will give them a little more confidence of how to cross tracks safely.

  5. If they allow parking on Fourth Avenue while the street car is in operation there’s no possible way bicyclists will be able to safely ride down that street anyway. People would be getting pinched and doored constantly. I’m gonna avoid it for sure.

  6. @zz pedalpics Never thought about it in that sense. Probably wouldn’t have been bashing them so much had I know they were planning things around us DC folk.

  7. RandomBikeGuyYes, connect the green blotches to form a pathway so the intent is a little more obvious. Gosh, maybe even an aesthetic curve for eye appeal. I guess that would have taken too big  a bite out of the $100 million plus street car budget for ‘bicycles’ in this ‘bicycle friendly’ town.

  8. Anyone seen the mega green striping several roadways in south Tucson this week? Take a look at one of them at Ajo & Park. Weird and weird

  9. Yes, Steve. The green paint seems to fill in the entire length of the eastbound Ajo crosswalk. Neither a box nor a guide. A new one on me.

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