Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 6.52.27 AMPima County has launched a survey seeking input from residents about the projects they would like to see included in the next bond package.

According to the county they have received more requests than they can fund through a bond package.

Because continued needs warrant consideration of another bond issue, Pima County would like your assistance in identifying the investments that are of the greatest importance throughout the region.  After consulting local jurisdictions and community organizations, more requests came in than we can fund in a future bond election. Narrowing down the list for a potential future election will be extremely difficult.

The survey will be available until Aug. 2 and includes hundreds of projects, several of which are cycling and walking related.

Projects include:

The Arizona Velodrome Center

Development of Urban Greenways within the city limits.

The addition of a concrete BMX park at the existing Kory Laos BMX dirt jumps.

Several Loop projects and a few pedestrian projects.

Clicking the the project link will provide you with a PDF describing the project and the cost. Take the survey.

Check out more information on some of the projects.

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