A portion of the Rillito River Path will be closed for three weeks to allow construction crews to upgrade drainage.

The north side of the Rillito path between Country Club Boulevard and Hacienda Del Sol Road is closed to all traffic.

Bicyclists and walkers are being directed to use the south side path.

Car free crossings from the north to south can be found at Country Club on the east side of the closure or Mountain Avenue on the westside.

A new assisted living community is being built along the closed section of the path and construction crews are working on the drainage from the site into the Rillito River.

Check out the photos and the Loop map for more information on detours.


One thought on “Portion of Rillito Path closed for three weeks”
  1. Interesting. I wonder if this will improve the issue of sediment washing onto the path on that north side. 

    One benefit to the “Intercept” sewer line projects is that the north side now has a much-expanded dirt path network. I can only think this will reduce congestion on the paved path in those segments.

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