Jose-Torres_largeThe Pima County Sheriff’s Department is asking the public to help locate the family of a cyclist injured in a crash last night.

According to a press release, Jose Torres was riding his bike near Palo Verde and 36th Street when he was struck by an automobile.

He was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

Detectives have not been able to locate his family and are turning to the public for help in locating them.

The Sheriff’s Department asks anyone with information about Torres to call 9-1-1 or the Pima County Sheriff’s Department at 351-4600.

One thought on “Updated: Sheriff’s Department finds injured cyclist’s family”
  1. Thank you for reporting on this situation. I’m very glad Mr. Torres received care and is with his family.

    On a separate note: I notice how careful you are with language. You do not discuss the question of helmet use, as that detail seems frankly irrelevant to this story. 
    Further on language: you write “…was riding his bike near Palo Verde and 36th Street when he was struck by an automobile.” There is nothing inherently wrong with this sentence as written, but I do wonder what the impact would be of writing “…when an automobile struck him” or “…when someone driving an automobile struck him.” The reason for bringing this up is that the first part of the sentence has someone doing something active (riding a bike), while the collision is phrased somewhat passively (was struck), and impersonally (an automobile) versus actively (a person, not just a machine, was involved this collision). Anyway, tiny quibble/suggestion- there is nothing actually wrong with what you wrote.
    Thank you for your reporting, aggregating, and advocacy!

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