Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 8.29.53 PMStreetcar team The Arizona Daily Star featured a front page story about the modern streetcar, which will begin accepting passengers on Friday, July 25.

Buried in the article was a section about bicyclist safety and a quote from Shellie Ginn, a project manager with the streetcar.

Here’s the section of the article:

There has been much discussion among city officials, community leaders and bicycle advocates over the past several months regarding how cars, bicycles and pedestrians will co-exist with the streetcar.

City officials are examining the possibility of moving bicyclists off of North Fourth and designating one of the parallel streets, such as Third Avenue, as a bike route, said streetcar project manager Shellie Ginn.

“We’re looking at parallel routes to get bicyclists off the streetcar route completely,” she said.

In the meantime, the city has embarked on a campaign to educate people on how to share the road.

The wording seemed to indicate that they were considering a ban on bicycling along the corridor.

At about noon on Sunday, streetcar officials posted the following message on their Facebook page.

Several of the commenters suggested removing parking along the route would be the preferable solution since there are many parking garages and bicyclists will want to visit the businesses along the streetcar route as opposed to riding around it.

According to the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association, there are about 100 businesses on Fourth Avenue and about 130 parking spaces on the street.

At 1.3 parking spaces per business, it seems unlikely that the majority of customers are even arriving by automobile.


One thought on “Streetcar officials clarify wording about bikes on 4th Ave”
  1. Is the streetcar team now blaming the newspaper? The wording came from project manager Ginn, who apparently has difficulty saying what she means.

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