Photo by Steve Crane on Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by Steve Crane on Flickr (Creative Commons)

Another possible “tacking” incident has been reported, this time, however, the tacks were discovered on the west side of Gates Pass Road.

Cyclist Adam Kroger sent a message to our Facebook page saying he picked up several tacks on Gates Pass Road. Kroger said he was riding up the backside of Gates Pass toward Tucson on Tuesday, June 11 when he he noticed several tacks in his tires as he was descending into Tucson.

The timing is interesting as Tuesday morning is the day a large group of cyclists ride though the area, which has caused some animosity between cyclists and motorists.

Kroger suggested it might be worth inspecting your tires before beginning the descent.




3 thoughts on “Tacks discovered on Gates Pass Road”
  1. I have met with some surprising animosity from drivers, when this “tacking” issue has come up in conversation. It is clear that many do not see this as anything more than some sort of minor payback against “rude” cyclists. It is also clear that most do not seem to understand that the damage could exceed the inconvenience of a flat tire, and possibly escalate to a dangerous -even fatal- accident.
    I wonder what the response would be among those same drivers, if someone (or multiple copycats) was laying down nails that could puncture their tires and possibly cause a major accident…would they be so cavalier then? I’m guessing not.

  2. Got interviewed by Channel 9 Craig Smith about this just a few minutes ago at the intersection of Speedway and Greasewood.   I hope I got the message across that this is an assault on the cyclist, and that it’s by someone with a very self important sense of the road.     I think they were on their way up to Gates Pass to film a clip up there.   This guy needs to be found and dealt with.

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