This nail caused a flat for a rider on the Finger Rock Wash trail.
This nail caused a flat for a rider on the Finger Rock Wash trail. Photo submitted by Stephen Paige

Trail sabotage appears to be a growing problem in Tucson.

It started with the nails thrown on the Finger Rock Wash Trail that we posted about last week. Since then several riders have found more strewn across the trail.

Both KVOA and KGUN9 have run stories on the nails found on the trails.

Additionally, a report of sabotage on the Upper 50 Year trail was reported on, a local mountain bike forum. The poster said piles of rocks were placed on the trail in a way designed to crash mountain bikers.

The police are asking mountain bikers to report each incident of sabotage so they are aware of the problems and can try to create a pattern that might allow them to catch the person responsible for the sabotage.

One thought on “Trail sabotage a growing problem in region”
  1. If this was done by bored teenagers randomly vandalizing whatever is closest to them (as those darn teenager are wont to do, according to my father), then this is just frustrating. If it was adults passively-aggressively (or is it passive-aggressively?) acting out some anticycling feeling, then this lowers my faith in humanity yet another notch. However, I suspect the culprits are a cross between the former two categories: teenaged minds with birthdates between 1973-1983 listed on their driver’s licenses. And in this case my faith is humanity is frustrating lowered two notches.

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