Cyclists riding in El Tour de Tucson on Saturday may spot a bike that looks out of place, but can provide them with a jolt of caffeine.

Curtis Zimmerman owns the coffee shop Stella Java and is now the owner of the only Xtracycle Coffee Runner bike.

“This had me written all over it,” the former bike racer said of the bike.

Zimmerman said he plans to setup at various points along the El Tour de Tucson route on Saturday and serve up some of their cold-brew coffee to participants in the ride.

After El Tour he said he’ll take the coffee bike to events like Cyclovia Tucson and the Bike Swap.

Xtracycle director of sales Nate Byerley said the bike was a prototype for this year’s Interbike and was primarily designed to serve beer.

The bike is based off an Xtracycle Edge Runner with custom additions to support the dispensing system.

“We don’t stock this product at all,”Byerley said. “This is the first one we’ve sold. I really wanted to sell one and get some feedback.”

Byerley and Xtracycle wanted to create a bike that is a “marketing tool, pickup truck and [beverage] dispensing” bike.

Xtracycle and Zimmerman worked with Transit Cycles’ Duncan Benning to bring the bike in and get it setup.

Benning shares Xtracycle’s goal of showing off cargo bikes’ capabilities.

“I wanted to have something in town that shows off what cargo bikes are capable of,” he said. “Cargo bikes are a really big part of what I do and I like people to be able check them out.”

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