Photo by Green Lane Project.
Photo by Green Lane Project.

People for Bikes announced the winners of the Green Lane Project and once again Tucson missed the cut.

The Boulder-based  advocacy organization selected Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Indianapolis Pittsburgh, and Seattle for the project.

The six cities will receive financial and strategic assistance in creating separated bikeways  in the cities.

Tucson was one of the more than 100 cities that applied for grant, but was ultimately beat out by the other cities.

Tucson’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program manager Ann Chanecka said via text that she didn’t receive any feedback from People for Bikes.

Chanecka said the city will still proceed with their plans for creating four separated lanes. The first is on St. Mary’s Road from Church Avenue to the westside of I-10. Chanecka said she hopes it will be installed by this summer.

Other protected bike lane projects include:

Church Avenue from Sixth Street/ St. Mary’s to Cushing Street.

Broadway Boulevard from Euclid Avenue and Fourth Avenue.

Stone Avenue from Toole to Alameda.

Checkout the press release here.

One thought on “Tucson misses out on Green Lane Project selection”
  1. Well, that’s a disappointment. 

    Kudos for the city for applying for external funding, and big kudos for the city for pursuing these projects even without the People for Bikes award. 

    Hopefully, the success of these four projects will help secure outside funding in the future. I’ll personally be very glad to have access to these four separated cycle lanes.

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