A Tucson mountain biker is looking for help from the community to launch a mountain bike documentary in Nepal

Julie Cornelius, formerly of Julie Bar, had planned a mountain bike trip to Nepal, but then the earthquakes that devastated the region hit.

“I was supposed to travel there this Fall and when the earthquake happened, all I wanted to do was go and help,” she said.

The documentary is designed to both feature the region and highlight the beauty encouraging tourism, but also a work trip for the women mountain bikers to help rebuild the region.

Here’s a snippet from the Kickstarter campaign:

Endure Nepal Film is a documentary that will chronicle 5 amazing lady shredders bike packing in Nepal. The Langtang Valley was one of the hardest hit regions from the earthquakes and landslides that destroyed the area this past spring. Rebuilding has begun in this valley and the reconstructed teahouses and trekking routes are beginning to bring prosperity back to this devastated and beautiful area where the project will focus.

Filming is set to begin in March 2016 and will provide a visually stunning, epic adventure for this group of women. The film is an observational documentary twinned with an outdoor adventure film, which will look at sustainable tourism. The planned route will take them 100 miles, from Katmandu to Kyanjin Gompa in Langtang Valley to build a special high altitude greenhouse. The riders will gain over 23,000 feet in elevation during the trip.

Cornelius said she project hits on her passions.

“The project we are working on has particular meaning to me to because we will be starting a self-sustaining greenhouse project that will provide both economic empowerment to the community, but also improved nutrition,” she said. “Since I am a nutritionist, I will be doing some nutrition education while we are there and helping to figure out what things to plant in order to ensure the best nutrition. That part is great because it helps me use my passion for nutrition to help. Also, the film features a group of female mountain bikers. I have been really passionate about getting more women into the sport and into outdoor sports in general, so I really hope the film will inspire other women to get out and be active.”

The group is aiming to raise $65,000 in the next 26 days. Check out the campaign and the rewards over on Kickstarter.

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