Creative commons photo.
Creative commons photo.

Update: Two of the three Emus loose near Tucson Mountain Park have been recovered, but Elliot the “most independent” of the three is still not accounted for according to Melinda Stomel.

Mountain bikers should be on the lookout for a “5′ chicken” roaming Tucson Mountain Park on the city’s west side.

According to a post by Melinda Stomel and Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists page, Monday’s storm allowed their three Emus to escape into the desert near Tucson Mountain Park.

Here’s her post:

If anyone frequents the Tucson Mountain trails please inform me if you see something looking like a 5′ chicken. Last night in the storm 3 of my fences went down allowing my 3 Emu to get out. We have been searching since last night but nothing has come up and none of our neighbors have seen them (even though they are 5′ chickens!) We are at San Joaquin/Bopp area backing up to the Tucson Mountains.

We are waiting to hear back from Melinda about their names and photos, but in the interim, if you spot the escapes, get in touch with Melinda.

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