Updated: A Pima County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officers says the driver will be cited after they review the violations and determine the appropriate citation. 

A cyclist was killed early Tuesday when a driver struck him from behind.

Daniel Wilson, 30, was riding east on Orange Grove Road near La Cholla Boulevard when a driver also heading east merged into the right turn lane and struck him from behind.

Wilson, who was riding in the bike lane, was taken to Banner-University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The crash occurred around 5:25 a.m. on Tuesday and according to a release by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Wilson’s bike was equipped with a rear flashing light.

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Editor’s note: BicycleTucson is waiting on a follow up from the Sheriff’s Department about whether the driver was cited. Check back for an update. 

6 thoughts on “Updated: Bicyclist killed in early-morning crash”
  1. Thank you for promising an update. The story I read yesterday mentioned his helmet use, but nothing on the driver at all. Mr. Wilson was exceeding the legal requirement to only have a red reflector, so there is doubly no excuse for his senseless death.

    If Mr. Wilson was riding in a bike lane and was struck from behind, I cannot see any cause for the sheriffs not to cite the driver. At a minimum, there is failure to yield, unsafe passing, and probably a number of other charges that can be reasonably added.

    Vulnerable road users need more protection from law enforcement.

  2. I heard Mr. Wilson affiliated with Donaldson Elementary? Have any accounts been set up to help family? I saw flowers there.

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