Photo by Pima County Sheriff's Department.
Photo by Pima County Sheriff’s Department.

A 57-year-old cyclist that crashed and died while descending Mount Lemmon yesterday morning has been identified.

Karl Gerschutz was riding down Mount Lemmon near the Rose Canyon Lake when he lost control of his bicycle rounding a curve.

According to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department investigators, Gerschutz was riding south on General Hitchcock Highway when he failed to make the turn, left the road and hit the side of a hill, which caused the fatal injury.

Jim Lubinski ,a member of the Bookmans cycling group, which Gerschutz rode with, said yesterday was a sad day for them.

“The entire Bookmans riding group mourns the loss of our good friend,” he wrote in an email.

Evidence and witnesses indicated that no other vehicles or tacks contributed to the crash. At the time of the crash all of the equipment on his bicycle was functioning properly.

13 thoughts on “Victim of Saturday crash on Mount Lemmon identified”
  1. So sad to hear of the passing of Chief Gershutz. He set the bar of excellance. The Ammo community has last a great leader.

  2. I had the pleasure of riding with Karl while he andhis family resided in Goldsboro, North Carolina, home to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.  The one ride that sticks in my mind was our ride to Beaufort, NC where Karl stood practically the whole ride due to a saddle sore.  What a charcater!   Heck of a nice guy and man could he ride a bicycle.  He will be remembered always and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this difficult time.

  3. Karl started his cycling “career” at Seymour Johnson AFB with the Seyboro Cyclists.  We have many fond memories of Karl, and shared thousands of miles in the saddle with him.  You will be missed Karl, and we will keep your lovely family in our prayers.

  4. Met Karl when I first starting riding in Goldsboro, NC with the Seyboro Cyclist. Spent some time with him a few years back during Bike Virgina also. I will never forget his kindness and sharing his knowledge of cycling with me.  I will keep his family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Lisa Mathias

  5. I never met Karl but was a part of the Mt. Lemmon Fire response team.  I am also a cyclist.  I know many of Karl’s friends in the biking community who were on the Mountain that day also.  It is an amazing sport we participate in and the thrill can so easily turn into tragedy.  I urge EVERY cyclist to get a Road ID.  They can be the link between you and your family and be an amazing help to emergency personnel in the event of an accident like this.   Best wishes and condolences to all family and friends of Karl.

  6. I was on Catalina Mountain Saturday and passed by the accident after it had happened.  The ambulance crew did an amazing job tying to save Karl, but alas they couldn’t.  I have been praying for his family and friends ever since I saw this tragedy, and I knew that lives would be effected and people hearts would be broken.  From reading the posts, it sounds like Karl was an amazing person and the world lost a beautiful person on Saturday.  My prayers and thoughts will continue to be with his family and friends.  God Bless You all!!!

  7. I was one of the original members of the Bookman’s Ride group and remember when Karl first joined us.  His easy personality and many stories made him an instant “regular” as if he had been there forever.  He was always leading us out and pressing the pace beyond the comfort level of our “mature recycled” membership.  I was on the mountain with our group on Saturday and passed the crash site not knowing it was one of our own.  As we try to process this surreal tragedy I can only think of the best in Karl.  My last sighting of him that day was his smiling face and a warm wave as he headed back down the mountain sporting the Bookman’s colors. That is the image that sticks in my mind and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I will miss him.

  8. ” If I hadn’t included it, do you think there would have been other people asking whether or not her was wearing one? Of course there would have been. It’s relevant in that many in the community I serve is interested in whether he were wearing a helment.”

  9. One of the early articles mentioned he was wearing a helmet.  Karl would never leave the house on his bike without a helmet.

  10. I used to work for then SMSgt Gerschutz and actually fixed his computer once.  He was a nice man and loved to ride his bike.  Very common that he would ride to and from work (many miles) at Seymour Johnson AFB.  Almost always smiling and a devout man as well, he would frequently make rounds to see how “his Airmen” were doing.  Always admired how he treated his family too, and he has a wonderful family.   Really sorry to hear of the loss and my condolences to his family.

  11. @TJ You are right. And no one asked. Unless you are asking. I meant to include it, but didn’t. He was indeed wearing his helmet.
    I think the assumption is someone coming down the mountain would be wearing one, but I should have put it in the post.

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