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A witness who saw the crash that killed Francisco Galvez , 49, Saturday night said the officer who struck him almost rear-ended a car before striking Galvez, according to KGUN 9.

The news organization interviewed Donald Linens who said he saw the crash happen. Here’s a snippet from the article that also talks to the police chief about the investigation.

Police say Hackett was driving northbound in the curb lane. Linens described the officer’s actions. ‘He blew by me almost rear ended another car and then he came back into the curb lane,” said Linens.

KVOA is also reporting on the story and spoke to a brother of Galvez. He said his brother was coming back from a gas station to get bottles of water for Sunday’s Cyclovia.

“For the years that I rode with David, it would completely surprise me that he would try to cut across traffic and try to beat a car to the sidewalk,” Alex Galvez said. “That’s not David at all.”

The police say Galvez was riding east across First Avenue when he was struck by Tucson Police officer Alon Hackett who was driving north on First Avenue in an unmarked police car.

Here are the stories about the crash:



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