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One thought on “Link roundup: November 4”
  1. And in other TPD news, TPD officers (probably the usual, the motorcycles) worked the quota over at 3rd and Treat last Tuesday despite being asked/told repeatedly to leave it alone:
    E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV    10-28 Tue     11:24 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143010438
    E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      10-28 Tue     10:54 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143010407
    E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      10-28 Tue     10:45 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143010397
    Easy duty for a quota-driven police department?
    Here’s the interesting link:
    Also, the Red Star Bureau of Irony found this:
    ***FREE*** Drivers Training for Teens this Weekend!!!
    Ironic in light of recent developments.

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