Abigail A. Allin will be sentenced on April 15, 2013. She is facing anywhere from seven years in jail to probation.
Abigail A. Allin will be sentenced on April 15, 2013. She is facing anywhere from seven years in jail to probation.

The driver who struck Sam Abate in May of 2011 and then fled the scene and attempted to repair her car, will be sentenced on April 15. Read more about the case here

Abate’s father, Bill sent an email to Tucson Velo about the sentencing.

According to Abate, Abigail Allin spent a year in jail and after months of court proceedings Allin plead guilty, last month, to two felonies.

Allin plead guilty to leaving the scene after causing a crash that resulted in serious injury and tampering with evidence.

“She was initially facing 16 years in prison, but because there are no aggravating factors (drinking or drugs) she is now facing 7 years in prison or probation,” Abate wrote. “Of course we do not know if there were any aggravating factors because she left the scene and was not arrested for several days. Witnesses have stated that she was driving erratically, weaving in and out of traffic and on her cell phone. She was also caught by the red-light camera at Grant and Swan for speeding through the intersection.”

Abate is inviting members of the bike community to send a letter to the sentencing judge with their sentencing recommendations.

The presiding judge is:

Arizona Superior Court in Pima County
Judge Paul E. Tang
110 W. Congress St.
Tucson, AZ  85701
Sam Abate, left, and his father Bill.
Sam Abate, left, and his father Bill.


10 thoughts on “Woman who hit Tucson cyclist and fled could get probation”
  1. I wrote a letter to the judge and encourage you to do the same. Sam is a friend of mine and this girl tried to get away with nearly killing a good person out of selfishness. Just because it’s some time later now doesn’t make me want her prosecuted any less.

  2. It’s some time later but Abigail is a great person. The nicest you’d ever meet, she’s doing what she needs to and deserves nothing more.

  3. Cool cat  The fact that you think her “niceness” is even part of this story is angering. Was her “niceness” a factor when SHE TRIED TO CONCEAL HER CRIME? She wouldn’t have so much as said “sorry” to Sam if a windshield repair shop hadn’t noticed blood and hair in the parts she replaced. She wanted to get away with it! She didn’t care about Sam at all! How is “niceness” a part of how you look at this?

  4. It was in the heat of the moment. She wa scared so she tried to hide. You’d do the exact same thing. She wasn’t out for blood, that’s ridiculous. She received what she dear revs and is still dealing with it. She’s been through hell, learned a lot and has changed drastically.

  5. Coolkat  You assert that if I were to cause someone grave injury with a car I would drive away and attempt to conceal my crime? This is just insulting. And in any case, what you think I would do doesn’t mitigate Abigail’s crime.

    I didn’t claim she was “out for blood.” I’m said she committed a crime by concealing what she had done. Even after the “heat of the moment” had passed, she didn’t come forward — she deepened the lie. I don’t see how “niceness” is a factor. I don’t see how all the “drastic changes” are a factor when they were motivated by this crime.

    And yes, I agree she has been through a lot. But I think we can agree she wouldn’t trade places with Sam.

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