Work on the 5th street crossing at Euclid Avenue leading into the University of Arizona has been nonexistent over the last month, but will resume later this month and should be completed by Sept. 9.

A TOUCAN, which allows both cyclists and pedestrians to activate a signal to stop traffic and cross the street, is being installed at the intersection to provide an alternative for cyclists who want to ride into or out of the UA without riding along the streetcar line.

The city’s bicycle and pedestrian program manager Ann Chanecka said they have been waiting on the crossing signal equipment, but got word that is is shipping this week.

However work won’t start as soon as they get it because the city agreed not to do any work during the University of Arizona’s move in period from Aug. 14 – 23.

Chanecka said work will resume on the Aug. 24 and will be completed by Sept. 9.

The University of Arizona has installed a two way bicycle track from Euclid to Tyndall Avenue.

Chanecka said once the TOUCAN is installed they will begin looking at various traffic calming installations on 5th Street and will add bicycle boulevard signage to let people know there is an alternative to University Boulevard.

One thought on “Work on 5th Street crossing to resume in late August”
  1. Okay, fine. That’s nice.

    Nevertheless, no serious, recent and incisive media coverage of the complete mess she and Daryl made at 3rd and Treat. But why would there be?…it was all a simple “clerical error” goes the claim and eventually an illusion and easy tool for TPD quota workers.
    Better and bigger, splashier things to do? Resume builders?

    The contrast is remarkable and telling.

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