9 thoughts on “Bikes on the Streetcar”
  1. So here’s the back story on why my bike is in the handicap spot. Based on the Sun Link video, you’re supposed to use the little yellow
    handle to flip up the seats and stand there with your bike. Well, there were 2 Sun Link volunteers on already on board – the folks there to help people learn how to use the sun go cards etc. One each sitting in the only 2 seat sections that flip up. Only the middle of each streetcar is ground-level and seating at both ends is up a set of stairs, so pretty limited standing-with-bike room.

    It will be interesting to see how many UA students try to bring their aboard – it could get crowded pretty fast in there.

  2. I noticed this morning on 4th ave just north of 9th str (right alongside the Shanty)  they have added like 3-4 parking spots and blackened out the bike sharrow in those spots, doesn’t bode well for the bikes on 4th ave?  How are we supposed to get through when the Hoff and 3rd ave are both blocked off?

  3. @bikr After reading your comment, I rode past the area … don’t think that striping is intended to be parking; kinda think some signage would make it clear. I have no doubts that some drivers will park there, which would leave very little space for cyclist.

  4. What counts as first? I boarded the streetcar with my bike at 410pm on July 22. Just sayin’ . . .

  5. I boarded the streetcar with my bike at 410pm on July 22. Anyone beat that? Just sayin’.
    Oh well Ann Chanecka was in that video…

  6. @Randy Garmon 
    It looks just like the other spots along 4th ave, and I see the Shanty lost the spots it had on 9th, I know the merchant’s have been pushing for more parking around there?  Kind of a bummer if they are indeed parking spots?

  7. Why would anyone want to take their bike on this thing? It is so much easier, quicker, more fun, better for your health and free to just ride your bike. What good is a streetcar that gets caught in traffic anyhow? Besides, the city planners have been anti-bicycle for this entire project so I think we should refuse to get on it just for the principle of the matter. 

    The total route is not even four miles long. If someone were to ride from “The Mercado” to UA Medical Center  (not gonna happen) and they crept along at a 10mph pace, they would easily beat the streetcar.

  8. @bikr I agree, it would indeed be a bummer if these are parking spaces.  As I recall, the painted line parallel to the curb is located closer to the curb than the other parking spaces along 4th, and the “east/west” painted lines are more of a diagonal to the curb than a right angle … but I have been wrong before.  I will check with the ParkWise folks and let you know what they say.

  9. @bikr  From an email  response from the SunLink Project Team:  ” The new striping was placed to enhance the no passing zone at the stops.”  I did notice the other day that the curbs in this area are painted red.  I haven’t looked at other stops to see if they received similar striping. 
    I have not received a response from ParkWise yet.

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