The first two images for the 2013 summer photo contest were submitted by Vernie. Check them out:

Photo by Vernie Aikins
Photo by Vernie Aikins


Photo by Vernie Aikins
Photo by Vernie Aikins

You can submit your own photos to be entered into the contest.

Here’s how it works:

Every reader can submit two bikey images to be included in the contest. The photos must have been taken this summer. The deadline for entry is Monday, August 12. You are welcome to submit an image and swap it out later if you take one you like better.

Starting on August 19th Tucson Velo readers will vote on their favorite images. The photo with the most votes will receive prizes from our sponsors.

To shake it up a little bit, this year there will be a judges award in which myself and two judges with photography backgrounds will pick the best photo. The person who wins the Judges Award will also receive a prize pack.

To submit your photos, send them to Please provide a caption and photo credit for your photos.



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  1. Wonderful sharing about the first two images submitted. These two images are really different and choice-able. I think, I will be able to edit these images by Photoshop. I have good knowledge on Photoshop. Any way, thanks for your great sharing.

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