City of Tucson street crews were at the intersection of Mountain Avenue and Speedway Boulevard this morning removing the large bumps where the asphalt and concrete meet.

They said they had three to repair. The bump at Mountain Avenue and Second Street had already been repaired.

I’ll take photos of the completed road this afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Photo: Crews fixing asphalt bumps in bike lanes on Mountain”
  1. This is good to see. Also quite happy about the resurfacing on Toole, and Silverbell/St-Mary’s, and the Anklam repaving. Great to see some of this stuff getting done !

  2. I see a lot of these bumps around town. On the Aviation bikeway, huge ones at Alvernon (and Swan too?) got ground down earlier this year, but new ones have popped up at Country Club. It’s good to see that somebody cares.


  3. TDOT Streets were notified about these issues along Mountain Ave through So if you notice something that needs to be fixed, take pictures, report it, and ask your friends and the bike community to vote for it–can’t hurt.

  4. The fix at Alvernon was really great! I came to the comments section to post that. I’m glad someone else noticed. 😀

  5. Thanks for mentioning that Chloe and thanks for posting in on

    I think the number of people who say they want it fixed is the driver behind getting it fixed.

    I’ve had the pot holes at Adams and Mountain listed for more than 6 months and they haven’t done anything about it.

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