The underpass along the south side of the Rillito River path at Campbell was widened and repaved this week.

Before the work, the underpass was developing potholes and cracks.

5 thoughts on “Photo: Loop underpass widened and repaved”
  1. I wish they would pay as much attention to the west bank of the Santa Cruz path between Congress & Grant as they do the Rillito path. That stretch is pretty rough.

  2. The County would like to but I believe that section is under City of Tucson maintenance. I can find out which sections are maintained by each jurisdiction. Requests for City sections could be made to the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department. If part of that is under County maintenance I can find out when our next pavement rehab may be scheduled.

  3. Nice to hear about path upgrades, but why the glaring paint striping now seen east of Alvernon? Dense fog conditions? It really is visually intrusive. Any news on the extension east of Craycroft? I hope to ride it while I still can ride.

  4. @Matt Zolland @everybody 

    Well, yes, this is one of the problems with The Loop. Some of it is County and some of it is City. The two governmental entities have different fiscal situations, different priorities, different resources, different, different, and different. It’s why users and potential users of The Loop suffer through bland bureaucratic emissions such as “the County would like to” and “I believe” and “I can find out” and “could be made.”

  5. Red Star Things can always be better but overall for me the loop rocks!  I just came home from the humid east and there’s nothing like going somewhere else to let you know that Tucson’s bike infrastructure is a lot better than average.  
    The Rincon Heights folks are having some discussion regarding their water harvesting bump outs along 9th and throughout their neighborhood.  Apropos for me because a friend recently ploughed through one on Estrella (not in RH) while riding in the dark.  Damaged bicycle and a broken collar bone.  The water harvesting cuts which I like scare the heck out of me.  I’ve gotten close to riding through one in the dark on several occasions.  The person with the broken collar bone was riding with lights and is an extremely experienced cyclist.

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