Cyclists and racing fans descended on downtown Tucson Saturday afternoon and evening for the 2014 Old Pueblo Grand Prix.

Check out a few photos from the event.

2 thoughts on “Photos: 2014 Old Pueblo Grand Prix”
  1. Great fun, the fast fast men’s race at the end.  The setting sun and then the darkness.  Just the sounds of the peloton snaking by as it rounded a corner and lined up for the next were enough for me to have been glad I rode downtown to watch.  An amazingly aesthetic experience.  Being able to stand so close you could, if you had wanted to, reach out and touch the riders as the whizzed by.  The juxtaposition of the silhouetted riders emerging from the darkness of the corner at Meyer and Washington and the blur of the peloton  a block west on Council was striking.  Even if I didn’t like bicycle racing I would have enjoyed watching, it was just beautiful to see.  It was fun to watch fast racing without being enveloped in the fumes of roaring machines and to leave to go home  without  deafened hearing and ringing ears.  Really great event I just wish it had been better attended this year.

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