My lovely wife celebrated her 30th birthday this weekend. She pointed out that we have now known each other for half our lives.

In honor of such a milestone birthday, I organized a surprise birthday party for her Friday evening. A friend took her shopping and I had two hours to race around picking up all the supplies.

Of course I did it by bike.

The CETMA provided a wonderful workhorse. In the photo above, I packed 18 beers, 75 cups, 25 sets of utensils, a 200-pack of napkins, a gallon of soup, a loaf of bread, two french cakes, a huge party pretzel sandwich, a lock and a sweatshirt.

As you can see, there is still room to spare. When I picked up the cakes, the woman at the bakery saw me put on my helmet and said, “No. No you aren’t riding a bike with those cakes.”

I insisted that I was and she insisted on seeing me do it.

“At least if you crash, it’ll be a party,” she said.

8 thoughts on “Photos: Birthday by bike”
  1. At least 2 of the batteries lived and the light was only semi trashed.  I’m sending it to Cateye today.  The closure of finding it was worth the trip backwards.  Another feature of your CETMA, slow enough you can spot other people’s lights lying by the side of the bike path.  

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